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Part Exchange Register


Part Exchange Register:
A revolution in online property marketing.

Part Exchange Register provides exceptional value for money, for proactive agents looking to secure new sales opportunities and utilise an invaluable selling tool appropriate to all market conditions.

As an agent you will be able to register all of your properties in the normal way, uploading through your existing software provider. Alternatively you can upload manually if you do not have a software provider available to you.

Once registered you can enter using the members’ area and assign your sellers ‘moving on requirements’ to their properties. The site will not only match your properties with your sellers it will also match with sellers from other registered agents.

Potential home swaps/exchanges will be brought to your attention so that you can encourage your client to view houses that match their own requirements. You may even have sales in your register that you never knew existed!

Many sellers will wait until their property has sold before they start to view other houses – not any more. Part Exchange Register will enable you to encourage sellers to explore other homes available to them, whether they are moving up market, down market or sideways. Remember most sellers move within a short radius of their existing home.

For ultimate success we recommend that you encourage your local counterparts to register their properties also. By doing this you can collaborate and gain access to a whole network of sellers ‘moving on requirements’ and therefore agree sales without having to wait for a first time buyer to come along at the bottom of the chain.

Generate new sales activity that otherwise would have been impossible to identify.
A simple tool that matches your properties with other agents and developers properties.
A low cost, effective sales and instruction generation tool for all market conditions.